Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pooltime Fun

Our last Sunday here in Florida was spent at church, then eating a great ham dinner (lunch) and then in the pool. Since dad took most of the pictures I was actually able to get pictures of the girls in the pool along with the other two. This we're certainly going to miss...

Crazy Alyssa - how funny is she?!

Another example. Alyssa found the floaties that we had hoped to use for the girls arms - they hate them and almost all other flotation devices - except for the swimsuit that Julianna is wearing that has a tube around it - she insists on it. Anyway, Alyssa found them and "put them on" except she wouldn't let us push them any higher then her wrists - oh yea, that'll work!

After hating the water and not really wanting to go in for two days she decided today that she couldn't get enough and was in till she was totally wet. The girls really love these huge dolphin/whale blow up things.

Julianna loved this and Kim had to repeat the pouring again and again and again. Then the boat was full and she had to pull the water back out.

Rachel joined in the fun but she wasn't as into it.

Cool shot of Caleb coming down the slide.

Kaitlyn's been learning how to snorkel.

Love this shot. You totally know he's thinking "what now? I'm swimming here!" Today's funny Caleb quote: Daddy and Grandpa are the funnest! When I asked him what mommy was, he said "You're the huggest and kissiest!" I guess I'll take that.


Denise Wheeler said...

Love the pictures. The one of Caleb coming down the slide was pretty cool.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Little miss Alyssa (referring to post about her bed) has figured out how to get mommy to come back in the room. I have one of those. Ryan will actually jam his legs in between the crib bars and get them stuck because he has figured out that is the only way to get me to come back in. At first it was an accident and now I've seen him do it on purpose (gotta love the baby cam). I have eliminated any other thing that made me have to come back in and now this. Its not fun trying to unwedge him either.

I bet you WILL be glad to be home. Adorable photos.

Tripletblessed said...

Aren't they just adorable!