Friday, June 27, 2008

NOT Tiger Woods

Watching my kids play mini golf is some of the most humorous times in my life. Even though it's been a year since they last played mini golf their technique has not changed. They stand at the edge of a hole and hit the ball. No aim, no look at the whole, no attempt to actually send the ball anywhere, they just hit it. And once they've hit it, they run to the ball and hit it again because of course it never goes in the first time. Again no aim, no attempt to actually have any form, just hit it in the general direction of the hole. And then do it again. And again if necessary. Once the ball falls in the hole, rejoice, pull it out and repeat. They can finish a whole course in about thirty minutes provided no one is in front of them.

The players: Aunt Kim (now official and back from her honeymoon in Jamaica), Kaitlyn and Caleb

Such technique.

Wow, Kim, another man already? I think Daniel's only at work! :)

This guy was watching us the whole time...

So I know this is totally unrelated but I'm ready for the girls to be back in their cribs. Alyssa has taken to the absolutely most annoying habit ever. None of the sheets we have truly fit the pack and plays that we are using thus they are easy to remove. Every night Alyssa decides to throw everything out of her bed. Everything including the sheet she's supposed to be sleeping on. Then she realizes that she has thrown out her favorite blanket and MUST have it back. Thus the crying begins.

Then I must go in to her and figure out what's wrong. I see that she has thrown her blanket out and she's begging to have it back. But I can't just give it back to her, I have to take her out of her bed, make it and then put her and everything else back in. Every night for the past week I've had to go in there and re-make her bed. I also have to make it before and after every nap for the same reason. Today she was sitting in the pack and play where the mattress was supposed to be! This morning she began at 5 AM! There is no joy in remaking a bed at 5 AM for no other reason then your daughter woke up and felt like she had to remove her sheet. It's a very odd behavior to say the least. Yep, I've already re-made her bed once tonight.

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