Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MORE Pictures From Portrait Innovations

Yes, we went back for more :) Twice actually. Once last Friday for "wedding" pictures - I wanted to make sure we actually got some! Even though the photographer at the wedding stated she probably took more pictures of my kids then the bride and groom I wasn't sure I'd actually get any of them so I went and got my own (sorry for all the scrolling - I wanted to list them out rather then do a slide show):

We went back yesterday for even more (for the casual ones) but I'll post those another day - this should be plenty for tonight!!


Cherie said...

K and C look so grown up! I'm glad you had these done!

Denise Wheeler said...

Wow!! What great pictures. All of the kiddos look great. I want to know how you got the trio to sit still to get such good pictures.

The G's said...

Dorinda - they are beautiful! I love that you take so many pics of the kids and share them on your blog. It is amazing that the photog was able to get five kids to all look in the same direction and smile!

Kristy said...

The close up of Kaitlyn and Caleb's faces...soooo sweet! I also love Kaitlyn's pose looking back.

Momma-of-5 said...

love love love the pictures!

a portland granny said...

Those pictures are absolutely exquisite! I just found your blog and can hardly wait to read your story. How fun that will be. I'm an avid reader--hope my eyes will hold up for the journey through your novel. I see on your profile that a couple of your favorite authors are also mine.

It appears that you are a busy, busy Mommie! How fun thought--enjoy--it goes by so fast! I am currently writing about my son's life and the memories are flooding over me...and as I write, its as if it all happened in a few seconds.

Enjoy your sweet brood!