Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged about 10 times on Facebook to list 25 random things about myself but I'm hardly ever on FB - between all the blogging and life I don't have time so I decided to follow the lead of a few fellow bloggers and list them here. So, now you can either enjoy my list or ignore it cause it's just more then you ever wanted to know about me!

1. I got married at the ripe old age of 19.
2. I found out I was infertile at 17.
3. I was dating Kirk at the time - told him he could back out cause I might never be able to bear him kids - yes, I've been eating my words for 9 years.
4. I have written 3 suspense novels.
5. I haven't published any of them - I'm really bad about even submitting.
6. I wanted six kids when I got married - I've been pregnant with six kids but lost one at 12 weeks - I guess I got my wish?
7. At one time I wanted to be an Interior Designer.
8. I have enough decorating books to make any designer jealous.
9. I love books on decorating, writing, forensics, organizing and living frugally.
10. I was first tagged by Keira at Tripled Pink! so I have to add that just like her I really hate to clean.
11. But I do love to organize - too bad I'm not good at either one of them.
12. My father is a pastor and has been since I was like 10.
13. I still miss my mother-in-law a lot even though she's been dead for more then 5 years - I still wish she could have met the triplets!
14. I grew up in Florida but couldn't take the warm weather any longer so we moved to Virginia just a year after we got married.
15. I played the flute in high school - I was terrible - faked like I knew it in the marching band.
16. My favorite thing to eat at night is Fun Dip - I'm addicted.
17. I really don't care about Valentine's Day except that it's my parents anniversary - I think it's a waste to spend that much money on flowers.
18. I am currently addicted to clipping coupons and buying cheap at the grocery store.
19. I really love being a wife and mother.
20. I love that I have a big family that includes triplets.
21. I'm attempting to teach my girl's sunday school class - it's not going well - the girl's aren't taking me seriously!
22. I can't do one thing at a time - usually I am juggling at least 4 things - blogging, writing, checking e-mail, watching TV - it's amazing I ever get anything done. I think this is why God gave me triplets :)
23. I wish I knew how to shoot a gun.
24. I am NOT a morning person and could stay up all night long if I could sleep till noon but since that isn't going to happen anytime soon I have to make myself go to bed every night by midnight just to try and get 7 hours sleep (more like 6 these days) but I do sleep in on the weekends thanks to my wonderful hubby.
25. I really love comments on my blog!


Donna said...

I also don't have much time for Facebook and have been tagged several times for this thing. I just chose to ignore it. :)

It was great finding out more about you.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Great list! It cracks me up that you love Fun Dip!


Denise Wheeler said...

Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have time for Facebook either if it wasn't for work. I still think we should write Oprah and see if we can get her to have mercy on us disorganized triplet moms!

Angie said...

Very interesting...
I was also a flute player in high school. :)

Andrea said...

Ah, Dorinda, we would be great friends if we lived closer! I'm alot like you, especially #24. Good list!

Karen said...

Awesome list, you made me smile! We have ALOT in common girlie... For my 100th post I'm going to blog "100 things you might not know about me!" Think you could do 100?

btw, I love comments too! hehe