Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1 Week Here

It's hard for me to believe I've already been here a full week. So many exciting things have happened. I've had a few IV's put in, a few contractions, little sleep, a few nice visitors - thanks guys! - lots of nurses checking heartbeats. Doesn't that sound relaxing and fun? Why if you were at 6 AM you too could be woken up by 2 different residents wanting to know if you're bleeding or leaking or dying. Of course I am, I just haven't woken up to tell you yet. Aagh!

As for me, I am absolutely 100% not going home until after the babies are born. I asked the doctor again today. If you were here, you'd ask too so don't blame it on my denial - I can hear some of you laughing! Anyway, she said it's their policy that once triplets are admitted that they stay especially when the cervix is shortening. Not much, mind you. I'm not in labor, mind you. I'm about a week away from the average triplet delivery so I truly don't know what the difference is between here and home but here I stay.

And for those of you who think I'm here eating bon-bons you better bring me some because I don't have any :)

On a good note, I have been moved to a window. Still in the same room but the next step up is a private room. Woo hoo!! Have no idea when that will be - I have to wait for someone else to go into labor. I'm the only triplet mom on the floor but I think there's a set of twins somewhere (in someone, not just lying around on the floor or anything).

I don't have any pictures yet but maybe soon I'll post one of me in here and we can all remember this lovely time when the girls are home and screaming and I'm wishing for some quiet, boring time :)

I do have another sonogram on Friday and we'll get some weights and measures of the babies then and I'll put up a note. Please pray that they are all over 3 1/2 pounds - that would be just great (for them really, not so much me - they're heavy enough already!).

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