Thursday, October 26, 2006

What I've Missed Since I've Been In Here For 3 Weeks

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the things I've missed since I've been in here. We had planned Caleb's party a month before his birthday in the hopes that I would be home to be there but I landed here so I have missed that :(

Caleb doesn't look too much worse for wear :) He does say he misses his mommy but I'm sure he won't remember our time apart in the future. Kaitlyn is doing great and having fun at school and still doing really well there.

Kirk brought the kids in for a visit last night and I was able to get wheelchair privileges which meant they were allowed to push me around the halls and I was able to go downstairs to the lobby for about an hour - it was a big deal! The kids get cooped up in this small room so it was good for them as well.

As for the babies - they are doing very well. I had another sonogram this morning to make sure they were moving, practicing breathing and that their amniotic fluid was not too low and everything looks good. I have a few contractions here and there but nothing regular. The doctors really, really want me to go to 36 weeks which is 3 weeks from tomorrow. I'm sure that would be the most ideal for the babies but it sounds horrible to me. Every day gets harder and I just can't imagine being here and letting them grow for that much longer!

So, they will probably schedule my C-section at some point but it won't be till somewhere around Nov. 17th. I hope I don't make that!!

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Corey said...

Dorinda, Thanks for the continued updates and pictures. I'm really sorry that you are having to still be there in the shape you are. We are still praying for you. What would you think of Kristy and I bringing Caleb to see you on Monday?