Monday, October 30, 2006

Not What I Wanted to Hear

Well, it looks like my C-section will be scheduled for November 16th - another 17 days away. Nov. 17th is my 36th week but I requested a day early so that I could leave the hospital the Monday before Thanksgiving and be able to spend the entire week with my family (Kaitlyn has no school that week).

Of course, the doctor says I could give birth at any time but I'm finding that harder and harder to believe. In fact, I logged on to the Triplet Connection and asked if there was anyone who had not been on any anti-contraction medication if they had ever gone into labor. I got 5 responses and all of them made it till well past 35 weeks and some even past 36 weeks - none of them went into labor and all made it to their scheduled C-section. That to me was certainly disappointing. I had hoped to give birth in October but I had certainly hoped to give birth and be home by Caleb's birthday!

Please pray for patience for myself and our entire family - this has been a much longer and much harder process here at the end then we would have expected.

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