Saturday, October 07, 2006

3 Days In and Bored Stiff!

Well, I am 3 days into hospital bedrest and it's boring! And much harder than doing this at home. I have an IV and constant monitoring. What a pain. The babies seem very happy and content to just stay in my belly for however long they need to, my body on the other hand is trying to kick them out! I will say my kids don't get the hint :) My body was trying to kick Kaitlyn out at least 3 weeks before she finally arrived but she was just perfectly happy to stay in. I think these girls are the same way.

The girls look great. On Thursday all their fluids looked good, they were breathing and moving. Every day their heartbeats sound good - no distress. I should have another sonogram next week to get a better idea of what they weigh but according to one of my books if they stay on the 50th percentile track they should all be somewhere around 3 1/2 pounds. That's a lot of baby in me!!

Everyone says 30 weeks without going into the hospital is really good but truly I was hoping for at least 2 more at home so it has been disappointing to be here already. Now I just have to sit and wait.

I haven't had any anti-contractual meds today which is good. Unfortunately, there are some that they can't give me. Terbutaline - sorry if I spelled that wrong - can only be given if your heartrate is low enough and because of my Graves my heartrate already tends to be quite high. We'll see what happens from here out.

The doctors haven't said much about my staying or going but I doubt I'll be going home at all which I must say is also disappointing. I miss Kirk and the kids and my home and just being "normal". Right now I have a roommate and I'm stuck in the part of the room by the door so it's a very cramped space with no window and that is a bit depressing.

Anyway, prayers requests would be that I can make it another 2 to 3 weeks and that the babies continue to do well. Pray for good growth by next week so that if they do come out they are strong and healthy. I did get a shot to mature their lungs so hopefully that will help in the event that they are born soon. Pray for Kirk and the kids as I know they miss me at home. Also pray that I might soon get a private room or at least get the spot by the window - where I am makes things more miserable.

Thanks for all your love and concern. I look forward to life returning to "normal" for me physically soon though it will certainly never be the same again with 3 more babies to care for!!

Please ask Kirk for the hospital room number and feel free to call or visit, however, if you do call and get a busy signal it means I'm on-line so feel free to e-mail me then too :)

And a special thank you to Kirk's office and the nice baby shower they threw me on Wednesday. Everyone was so thoughtful!

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