Friday, November 03, 2006

34 Weeks

Today is 34 weeks which is a HUGE milestone. Most triplet pregnancies do not go this far so it's pretty amazing that I'm still pregnant and that I'm not on any medication to keep contractions from coming. I'm still having a few contractions but still nothing regular enough to be called labor. This weekend is a full moon. Hmm... We will see.

As for going home, the doctors have said no. :( Not surprising but I was told it was the office policy to keep triplets here till the end. Figures. So another 13 days with babies followed by 4 days after babies unless I actually manage to go into labor on my own sooner. I can hope - except NOT November 10th - I hope all of you out there are praying for that!!

I did have another sonogram yesterday - no weights and measures - but the babies are still looking good. Baby A is very, very low - if her head was down she'd probably fall out :) Maybe that's a sign that they'll be out soon. Yea, I can hear you - you're all saying of course it is, in 13 more days!!

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