Friday, November 17, 2006

Delivery Account

Hello! I am still alive though a lot sore and a bit groggy but the girls are doing great. They are still in the regular nursery though if anyone has trouble with their temperature or feeding they will be moved to the NICU. Alyssa seems to be having the hardest time with keeping her body temp regulated but she's been doing really well today. Yea! Praise God!

As for the delivery it went pretty smoothly even though our time kept getting pushed back due to emergency C-sections - those pesky people coming into the hospital in labor :) Funny thing though I got put on a contraction monitor every morning that I've been in the hospital and have hardly had any contractions but yesterday I got on and was contracting regularly. In fact, I continued to have contractions every 5 minutes until after the C-section! It seems that yesterday would've been the day no matter what. I was in labor and the girls were ready to come. I'm very thankful for the reassurance because the doctor came in Wednesday and asked how I felt about waiting another week! Since 37 weeks is not preemie he was thinking I could hold out a week more. He said it was up to me and obviously I opted to keep my date for yesterday. This pregnancy has been long enough - my hospital stay was forever (or so it seemed though I get comments often about how just being in here 6 weeks wasn't bad).

I've never had a C-section before so that was all new to me but it was easy for the most part. No pain and the pushing around just felt like the babies did when they were moving in me so that didn't bother me either. The only side effect I seem to have is itching which I'm told should go away soon.

We will post more pictures later - Kaitlyn, Caleb and grandma will be meeting the babies in a few hours so we will certainly have photo ops then!

Thanks again to all for your prayers and support during this pregnancy. We couldn't have done it without you!

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