Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mommy's Home!

Finally after almost 7 weeks in the hospital (47 days to be exact) I am now home from the hospital. Praise God! It was a very long haul. Physically I am still very sore and recovery has certainly been hard but I am glad to be out of the hospital and certainly my family is glad to be back to "normal".

As for the girls they are still in the hospital but may get to come home tomorrow. We will keep everyone posted. They are doing excellent but just not eating as much at a feeding as the pediatrician wanted plus they were all a little jaundice. So, they were under the lights for that and had tubes for feeding though they were mostly taking their feedings by bottle. The tubes are just for whatever formula they didn't finish in about 15 minutes. They were transferred to the NICU yesterday for the first time but again they shouldn't be there long. Please pray that they come home soon although I'm enjoying the day to get back into the groove here with my other kids as well as the extra chance to rest :)

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