Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No News

I know everyone is waiting to hear a big announcement that I have gone into labor and the girls have been born - believe me, no one wants to have that announcement more than me!! But here I still sit. Nothing is happening unless you consider being woken up at 6:45 in the morning by a med student who didn't knock and felt the need to turn on the light exciting!! Yes, that was annoying. And then he's followed by an OB who I don't know asking the same stupid questions, followed by the "real" doctor. And then I find out that if I start having contractions they will try to get them to stop with drugs but if that doesn't work then they will take the babies. Isn't the idea at this point to go into labor??!! I'm really getting frustrated. I have contractions all the time but they just don't progress or go anywhere.

I know it's only 9 more days but sitting here just waiting for something maybe to happen is the worst feeling in the world. Please, please pray for patience for me and even the chance to actually go into labor on my own some time after Friday. Also pray for trust in the Lord and His timing. Right now I'm having a very hard time with all of it!! Thanks!

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