Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today makes it official that we will have 4 kids all born in the same month. Poor Caleb! Today is also 4 weeks since I was first checked into the hospital and I would say that I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, I have asked the doctors today if I can go home on Friday. I have had a few contractions but nothing regular in weeks and weeks so I don't see the point of staying here if they're not going to stop my labor anyway. Plus, there's the fact that I don't believe I'm going to go into labor so I might as well get my final week pregnant to spend at home with my family and be home with Caleb on his 3rd birthday. Please be in prayer about the last 15 days of this pregnancy - you can of course pray that it ends sooner than that!

Also, we wanted to share that my parents have come up to visit! My mom is here to stay (till Christmas) which is going to be a HUGE help - allowing Kirk to go to work at a normal time rather than having to take Kaitlyn to school something he hasn't been able to do for 2 months. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped with Caleb over the past 2 months - we couldn't have done it without you!! I hope that my mom being here will give everyone a break and that you'll be ready to jump in and hold a baby when the girls come home probably later this month (provided they do ever come out!!).

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