Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Girls meet Big Brother and Big Sister

Yesterday, Kaitlyn and Caleb came in to meet the girls. They had their "Sister of Triplets" and "Brother of Triplets" shirts. Grandma got to hold all three of them, doesn't she look proud?

Health wise, the girls are still holding on just above the borderline to keep them out of the NICU. This morning Julianna had to go under a special light treatment for jaundice, Alyssa isn't eating as well as the other two, and Rachel still won't nurse but will take a bottle. Dorinda is slowly recovering, lots of pain and moving slowly. Hopefully everybody will be well enough to come home on Monday.


Anonymous said...

The children all look great! And, that can't be their Grandmother?! She looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dorinda!! The girls are so precious!! Congratulations to you all. We'll keep praying for you all in the coming weeks. Tim & Wendy Boone