Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weight Check/Doctor's Visit

If you can believe it the girls are 2 weeks old on Thursday! Amazing how time flies. Okay, probably more for you than us. I've felt every long day and am still very slowly recovering. I've never had a C-section before and had no idea until now how painful they are! Not to mention all the bed rest before hand and the fact that it was a triplet pregnancy it is taking a long time to recover and that is frustrating to say the least.

As for the girls they are doing surprisingly well. Whether it's because I'm not a first time mom or because my mom is still here (thank God!) it's going smoother than I expected. Exhausted, yes but they are good girls. If I could just recover things should be perfect. Ha ha!!

We went to the doctor today a bit early for their 2 week appt. but who cares? All the girls are beyond their birth weight which is awesome.

Julianna now weighs 5.8 lbs
Rachel now weighs 4.10 lbs
Alyssa now weighs 4.15 lbs

They are growing well which is a blessing and usually eating okay. Rachel does have reflux and we have increased her Zantac dosage so Lord willing that will help. She spits up a lot and arches her back in pain when she eats. I feel so bad for her tiny body.

Julianna got some bloodwork done for her low blood count (it was low when we left the hospital last week - this is a re-check) so hopefully things will be okay there.

Personality wise - they are so different! Julianna is still so laid back. Rachel is feisty but very sweet and Alyssa is loud and loves to cuddle. This is crazy amazing but Alyssa has already rolled over. I know it doesn't even make sense or seem possible but the child did it from her back to front twice at the doctors and front to back once! I have no idea how but she is a mover and can move herself off things already. It's a bit scary.

Kaitlyn and Caleb are adjusting pretty well. Kaitlyn has been a huge help as a big sister - she fed Julianna all by herself tonight. Wow! Caleb is trying to figure out his place but being the only boy and the life of the party helps. Nothing will stop him :) Can't wait till I can play with him more.

That's it for this tired and sore body. Hopefully our next post will include pictures of the girls at home! I also hope everyone continues to check the blog for progress reports on the girls - we're very happy to have them and have them home. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support during the pregnancy and to everyone who has helped and will help since. We can use all the hands we can get and are soooo thankful for all of you!! Praise God for your generosity and kindness.

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