Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving though after last night sleep is not one of them :) The girls were discharged from the hospital late yesterday and we brought them home. They did great in the evening but of course when we were ready to go to bed Rachel and Alyssa were not! They fussed most of the night. I am a tad worried that Rachel has reflux like her big sister and we will discuss that with the doctor tomorrow when we go in for our appt. Thankfully we do have a lot of family in town to help and they can babysit while we nap :)

That is the update - the girls really are doing great. They are eating well and love to be held. Julianna is the most laid back and rarely cries - she slept through all the chaos last night. Rachel is the most vocal thus I'm worried about the reflux - lots of spitting and screaming. Alyssa is kind of in the middle and I think she just wants attention. So far they've held true to their personalities inside of me. I always knew Rachel was the most active and Julianna the most laid back! We all think because of Alyssa's position that she'll be the most cuddly. Of course, she may also be the most girly and photogenic. She was the easiest to capture pictures of before she was born. I'm writing all this down for everyone so we can see in a year or so how true my predictions are.

As for Kaitlyn and Caleb they are both doing well. All the extra family means extra attention for them which they like and Kaitlyn has just loved holding her baby sisters. She still gets excited about it. Again, we'll see how she's doing with in a few weeks!

Can't wait for all of you to meet them but just remember if you come over you will be put to baby work! They need lots of holding and feeding and I am still very, very sore from the surgery so I'm really trying to rest. Not always going so well though.

As soon as we can find the camera in all of our mess we'll post more pictres.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the trio home. Sounds like you had an interesting first night. Many more to come I'm sure. All the best with your family and look forward to more updates and pics.