Friday, February 13, 2009

#1 Christmas Gift

I know you're thinking what? Christmas was a long time ago but let me ask you this: what toys are your kids still playing with?

My girls have been playing with the Mega Blocks for six weeks. If I want to distract them all from anything I ask them to play blocks - they immmediately come running. Especially Julianna who quite often will grab my hand and say "pay blocks mommy" and if I try to leave she chases me and says "no pay blocks mommy, seet down!"

We build towers and fight a lot over who had what block first but it's nice that they have something we can sit and enjoy.

#2 Gift? Dancing snowman that was technically my gift from my parents but has been confiscated by the girls who obsess over snowmen (just like their mom!)

#3 Gift is singing care bears from Grandma and Grandpa - what is it about the singing toys?


Angie said...

I agree. Megablocks are the greatest. I am constantly looking for them on craigslist. You can never have too many blocks! :)

Denise Wheeler said...

Absolutely, my trio love the mega blocks. We really need to get more. I find it really funny that they love snowmen because my trio love snowmen too! Maybe it is the bday in common? Hmm?