Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Little Towhead

I really thought when I had my kids that they would all be bald and blond. That they would have no hair till they were like 2 or 3. Instead I got 4 kids with dark brown hair when they were born and one little toe head. Sure Caleb's hair turned blond and still pretty much is but nothing like Rachel. No, she's got a whole look of her own. In fact people argue with me as to whether or not she's one of the triplets because she looks so different!

But, you know, that's what makes her special :) That and her seriously blue eyes!

One thing she doesn't have yet: fashion sense. Check this out - what is she thinking??

And this is my Rachel trying to say cheese while also trying to see the picture I'm taking of herself. They are at that age where they can say "cheese" for the camera but they also want to look at the picture that you've taken. I bet it was easier to take pictures of kids before digital cameras...

Who can resist this smile? Even when it is covered with food :) She sure can be cute when she wants to but let me tell you she still cries whenever she gets the chance!


Denise Wheeler said...

She is an absolute cutie!

Angie said...

She is so, so cute! I love the picture with the two different shoes... Adorable.