Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sometimes It's A Good Quiet

Every once in a while the girls play quietly together while they are awake. Right now it's a hugely rare moment but it's great when I catch them playing puzzles or blocks together. Usually the quiet is a bad thing such as the girls are destroying a packet of gum together - that won't kill them will it? Or they are tearing apart a tree leaf by leaf. Or they are mashing the play-doh colors together in one big glob. Or they are pouring the popcorn out onto the table, bench, floors, themselves, you get the idea.

But once in a blue moon I come around the corner and see this:

Or this:

It's Julianna just sitting quietly. You must understand that this is incredibly rare. She is a very outgoing, fun loving girl who doesn't like to be alone so when I find her just sitting there by herself I HAVE to photograph it.

Of course as soon as she sees me I get this:

She is soo funny! Always makes me laugh. And she has started saying "love you mommy" which of course, melts my heart. Sometimes this age is perfectly wonderful and sometimes they act just like 2-year-olds!! But in those quiet moments I will smile and be ever so grateful for the blessings I've been given.

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