Thursday, February 12, 2009

"I See Plane!"

Actually we all did - we made an impromptu trip to the Air & Space Museum located near us. Kirk needed to take some specific photos for the magazine he writes for and he wanted to take the older kids along. I thought the triplets might enjoy the planes so we loaded everybody up and headed out.

I was right the girls had a great time saying "I see plane!" over and over again. There's no running allowed which confused the girls but they managed to stay with us pretty well. A HUGE improvement over last year. It's amazing to see that we can now go out with them and they listen and stay with us. I love it - opens up a whole new world! Not that I'd say it's easy yet but we're on the road to easier (it's never really easy with small kids...)

Yes, that's us in front of the space shuttle. So cool :)

And here's a close-up of us in front of the landing gear.

Kirk and the kids are in front of the plane (Blackbird) that will be appearing in the next Transformers movie - I loved the first and now I'm even more excited to see the 2nd - apparently one of the robots has been hiding at the Air & Space museum for years :) Great premise - I love it!

Plane inside:

Plane outside:

Yes, girls we saw lots of planes today! Maybe one of my 5 will be a pilot someday or an astronaut - I'm not picky...


Denise Wheeler said...

It looks like fun! I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was a kid. Oh well, I guess the next best thing to all that excitement is having triplets. :)

Andrea said...

My boys would have thought they had died and gone to Heaven with all those planes! Looks like a lot fun.