Sunday, February 08, 2009

"I So Cute Mommy" and Other Sayings By Julianna

Julianna always makes us laugh. She is still the most talkative among the 3 so usually I hear one-sided conversations.

Today Alyssa said, "aaggh, ugga, wabba, etc." - I have no idea really what she said but it comes out like that - lots of babble. To which Julianna replies, "okay, Assa, I coming."

I have mentioned this before but Rachel likes to cry - loves it in fact and looks for every opporunity to do so especially if she has been wronged and someone takes something from her. Now she is manipulating her sisters. Julianna will have something that Rachel wants, Rachel will proceed to throw her temper tantrum, Julianna will hand it back to her and say, "okay, okay, okay" - basically "make it stop!"

She also likes to say, "Be right back!" and announce to me where everyone is at all times "Daddy work", "Katen school", "Cayeb school"

These girls make me laugh all the time - they also don't sit still well for pictures. I was trying to get a decent head shot with their new bows from Cyndy but they were NOT cooperating. Okay, Rachel was a little. Sadly, that is the best picture I got of Alyssa. Can you tell I need to hone in on my photographer skills?

Oh well, at least you can tell that they are "so cute!"


Denise Wheeler said...

Well, they are all "so cute".

MaryBeth said...

You said it.... "so cute!" Totally agree!!

Karen said...

aw when did they turn 3? Mine turned 3 in Sept. and this is how my three talked around christmas. Enjoy it because it changes super fast. Xander has been my slow talker but we've noticed that he is now the king of comedy voices. He loves to make up stories and talk in crazy voices. It cracks us up. Jake likes to explain things and boss people around. Rachel has always been my advanced talker but lately she has this silly way of pronoucing things. They are so fun at this age. ;-)