Friday, May 29, 2009

All In A Crazy Day

My day didn't start off so well...

This is what my child looks like when I get her out of bed:

Oh but it gets worse.

This is what the room looked like when I walked in:

In case you're wondering - that floor was clear last night!!

Oh, but you know it gets even worse:

This is above Rachel's crib so now I have 100% proof that Rachel is my Picasso. Nice though huh? Once again proving her talents and her NEED to draw - it's like she can't help herself. I mean she KNOWS she's not supposed to do this - she knows she's supposed to draw on paper and yet she continues to draw on walls, on herself and even the pack n' play:

If you can't tell that's a smiley face. Nice right?

Then it was on to breakfast:

Rachel was eating the leftovers:

After breakfast we play - Julianna is ever safety conscious (notice her knees - can you tell who else was involved in the nighttime fun?)

This evening Alyssa got to read with Uncle Michael:

Wondering what a normal day is like here? Here's is Kaitlyn's To-Do List for the day:

Can't read it?

It says:

To-Do List (the main ideas)

- play with babys
- swim in pool
- eat dinner (lunch and breakfast as well but earlier)
- draw (if time) color
- play with babys (again)
- go to bed
- play outside (before bedtime)

And that's it - that's all we do!

But I can't go and leave Caleb out - so here's my boy in front of Rachel's masterpiece since I have yet to tackle removing it:

Photo courtesy of: Kaitlyn

Some more of her work:

Oh yes, they can get in and out of their cribs! Kirk actually has 3 toddler beds set up and waiting for them when we return home. It's much earlier then I hoped but Alyssa's crib was falling apart - it was Kaitlyn's so it was quite old and ready to go. We were able to find 2 matching toddler beds with mattresses on Craigslist for $50 - adding that to the one I already had for $30 and we have a room all ready to go for cheap :)

Countdown to toddler beds is on - 2 weeks to go!!


Momma-of-5 said...

YIKES! Seriously. Yikes.
I guess I missed the memo that you weren't home because I was a tad confused when I saw the pack-n-plays. TOUGH day. But you handled it so well. =) Way to go, Supermom.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Oh. Mygoodness. What a day, indeed.

The Northcutt's: said...

Dorinda!! This is your parents walls right?? Oh goodness, never a dull moment.

Andrea said...

Oh, wow! How did you decide whether to laugh or cry?? I love how proud Rachel looks of her stripes, which are rather well done I must say!

Angie said...

Oh my! She's quite creative. :)

I hope all goes well with the transition to toddler beds when you get home...

Annie said...

OMG. They are so creative. The only problem is that you need to paint the room.

A few months back, my girls did the same thing.

Have a wonderful weekend.