Thursday, May 21, 2009


The kids love running around the pool - it's one of their favorite activities. Yes, they are watched very closely - I can jump in and save them at a moment's notice but it still makes me nervous. Why do they love the dangerous stuff?

So tonight they were out there running and this time they had pinwheels from the Dollar Store. They loved those too. Cracks me up what kids love.

One for everyone - Rachel's is a bit different it has "shapes" which means "hearts"

These things are cool!


Caleb was interested but no one would let him borrow one :(

They just love the pool.

Can't leave the big kids out. Don't they look thrilled? They're just disappointed that its been raining and they haven't been able to go in the pool for the rain and the cold.

And the rest of my photos are blurs of them running around the pool - just proof that they never sit still!! I won't put you through it but I've tried taking pictures of the 3 of them together looking at me - terrible so far but I'll keep trying!


Misty said...

HOw fun! mine love the pinwheels too!

Andrea said...

I think it's a miracle that none of them ended up in the pool! What good kids!

Candace Hickey said...

I swear....if we lived closer we would be buddies! I, too, bought my three some pinwheels at the $1 spot at Target! Great minds think alike...he he he

By the way, you are BRAVE to let them run around the pool. :)

I see your son is out numbered...poor guy! My son feels the same way. :)