Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do The Girls Like The Pool?

Why yes, they LOVE the pool - but all in different ways. Strangely they want to get in more when they don't have their swimsuits on - go figure. But Julianna loves it the most and even though she's often standing their vibrating (that's shivering to everyone else but ever since Caleb said he was "vibrating" we can't help but call it that!)

Julianna "vibrating":

My jumping girl! Yea, I don't know what Alyssa is doing but they love their swimsuits :) Julianna has been going under the water every time and I'm working on teaching her how to get to the side - she's doing great. Rachel will go under some but Alyssa doesn't like to. I've dunked them all so they get used to it. Clearly it worked for Julianna - she'll be swimming before we leave.

While Julianna loves to jump - the other two are more into relaxing - and yes, I could hold the two of them in the "raft" while catching Julianna with the other hand - oh yea, fun times. Three babies in the pool with mama alone - eek!

All three in the raft - didn't last long :)

Big kids love the pool too but they prefer to night swim - not sure why but they really, really like it:

Long live the pool!


Candace Hickey said...

Love it! Guess what?? My girls have the SAME yellow and white Gymboree swim suit with the alligator...I am getting ready to post some pics!

Once again, great minds think alike. :)

Andrea said...

Those swimsuits are really cute! If I had girls, I bet we'd have them, too! ;)
Great job on the swimming! I have to get my kids in the water soon.

Angie said...

How great that they all love the water so much! Kids and water... It's a good combination. Providing hours of entertainment! :)

Candace Hickey said...

To answer your question...YES, love the new Gymborre line...watermelon!!

Kristy said...

I used to love swimming at night too...that's so funny! Oh, and I think Rachel has some serious art talent...keep giving her drawing tools and I bet you'll be framing some pictures soon! (or carving out walls?) :)