Friday, May 15, 2009

Conference Day 1 & 2 - Ups and Downs

Writing is full of ups and downs. One moment you feel like you've written the best thing ever and the next you're wondering why you even bother! And so it is with this weekend but overall in a very good way. You have to be told what's wrong so you have an idea how to make it better.

The intensive clinic has been fabolous and I have learned a ton and my writing will be 1,000 times better because of it.

In meetings and critiques I have gotten excellent reviews - and now the hard part - re-writing, making it better and getting my butt in gear to submit. Aagh, the work part. But I will do it. As soon as I get around to it :)


Now for the good part - the view!! Oh my word, it is sooo gorgeous. God outdid Himself here in Colorado - every view is breathtaking.

I haven't gotten to see much yet because of the conference but Kirk has been around taking great pictures.

pictures that we will post as soon as the internet connection at the Y can allow it. and that's not tonight. sorry.

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Kristy said...

Can't wait for pictures! I've always wanted to go to Colorado!

Will you be able to enjoy any free time with Kirk?