Monday, May 11, 2009

First Swim

The babies went swimming for the first time this summer so of course I had to take pictures :) Such a different experience from last year. They are less crazy and much more aware of the water and they are really enjoying playing in the pool. At least they are enjoying the stairs :)

I think the girls are getting tired of having their photo taken! They say "cheese" as fast as they can and get back to what they were doing. Notice Rachel - I point the camera in her direction and she holds up her hands and gives me a half smile. Is she surrendering? Enduring her hard life as the object of my photos?

I'm sure this is just the first installment of summer photos that include the pool but I had to document their first swim anyway :) Julianna even went underwater a few times and tried "swimming" - I bet they'll be experts by the time we leave FL.

Soon to come - before and after photos of my parent's pool - an amazing transformation - now we are here in a real oasis! Love it.

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Cherie said...

It looks like you're all having fun!

Tell K I love her bathing suit!