Monday, May 18, 2009

More From Estes Park

Tonight is our last night and finally I have internet access! Everyone is supposed to have hi-speed up here but yet no one really seems to.

Updates from the last few days:

Here is my clinic group - we had a great time working on each other's stories!

On Saturday evening we went on a hayride and ate hotdogs over a campfire - fun! Look at these huge horses!!

Sunday morning we took a tour of Rocky Mountain National Park - starting at the bottom it was about 60 and up to the top where we were in snow!! Only here in CO :) We went from about 7500 to somewhere around 11,000 feet above sea level - wow!

Elevation 9,400 feet - cool but nice sweater weather:

Somewhere around 11,000 feet up (Sorry, I don't remember but it was high enough to be above the tree line and still covered in snow!)

Sunday afternoon we took a walk around the lake with an old high school friend of Kirk's and his wife - they brought along their 3 boys making me miss my 5 all the more :( But we did have a nice afternoon with them anyway! While we walked in the park we came across a herd of female elk - these things are everywhere.

Monday we spent the day in downtown Estes Park - it was beautiful weather and such a beautiful area.

My internet connection was horrible so I'm just finishing this on Tuesday now that I'm back in Florida (safely thank the Lord - Kirk too, back in VA). We had a really good time away in CO - love that state and I can't wait to go back someday - next time with the kids though - I'm sure they'd love it. Now I have about 1000 landscape and mountain photos of CO - I could create a ton of postcards :) I also have more photos of Elk then I'll ever need but they are so cool. Saw 3 bucs outside our cabin this morning on our way out. Of course, I took photos but I won't subject you to them.

Glad to be back with all my babies - I missed them but they had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa and G&G did a great job taking care of them :)


Donna said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip!

I also wanted to let you know I have given your blog and award that you pick up at my blog!

The Reptile said...

Don't worry about picking 15, pick how many you want. That is why I did 5. Fifteen seems a bit much. KWIM

Donna said...

WOOPS! I was helping my oldest with her blog and forgot to log out. The Reptile post was actually from me. LOL

Annie said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying your trip. The pictures are excellent and the view is wonderful.

Thanks for visit my blog. And yes my girls are one month oldest than yours. I think that your girls look much bigger but, the most important thing is that all the girls are healthy.