Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Kirk and I have been together for 15 years! I can't believe it either. We started dating when I was just 17 years old - not even an adult; a baby. Not long after we started dating I saw an OB/GYN who told me that I would have a very hard time getting pregnant. She didn't say I would never but she didn't give me much hope nor did she tell me what was wrong (I don't ovulate).

But I remember leaving there feeling like less of a woman. Wondering what my future would hold and if I would ever hold a baby in my arms. And I was just 17!!

I remember returning home and telling Kirk what the doctor had said. I told him that I may never be able to bear his children and that if he wanted to leave me that I would understand. After all what good was I if I couldn't have children? Or so I thought.

He didn't leave me.

And at 19 he married me. While I did struggle having children - a lot, for 4 years - we did see the right doctors and by the grace of God had our first child, then another and then three more.

So, every Father's Day (and every Mother's Day) I am sooo grateful that we get a chance to celebrate. That I can actually look at my husband and tell him Happy Father's Day; that the man I love is the father of all of my children and that together we have 5!

Not zero, five.

God is good.

Of course I can't end without saying Happy Father's Day to my dad as well. Without him I wouldn't be here :) He is a wonderful dad and I love him very much.

I hope all of you Fathers have a wonderful day and are able to be thankful for and enjoy your children!


Candace Hickey said...

Very nice post....Happy Anniversary!

Have you been to Gymboree lately??

Andrea said...

Great picture of your kids!