Monday, June 22, 2009

Matching Scars

Some of you may remember Julianna's trip to the ER a while back - minor cut to her forehead and she still has the small scar to prove it. Tonight she got a matching and bigger scar on the back of her head.

Yea, great night - her 2nd ambulance trip on Kirk's lap. Fun!

While we were cooking dinner the kids were outside playing. Julianna was walking up the slide (something she's done and can do well) using the rope the big kids use. She lost her grip at the top and fell off holding the rope and hit the back of her head on the playground. There was a lot of blood and it was hard to tell how bad it was so I called 9-1-1.

It wasn't as bad as I first thought - I really thought she had a large wound on the base of her skull but it turns out she just had a decent size cut requiring 2 stitches on the back. I do have to add it's the first kids stitches in the family including Kaitlyn. Figures it would be Julianna!

As you can see - she was basically unaffected by the entire ordeal. Hey, she got alone time with mom and dad AND got 2 free popsicles! And she very much likes her new hospital gown. It's soft and "feels like a blankie" - she even wanted it back on after bath (no water over her wound). Rachel eyed her new gown jealously. I hope she isn't getting any ideas!


And after:

At least this scar will be hidden by her hair :) And needless to say the rope is coming down.

How'd you spend your Monday? We were planning to go to the park. Instead we ended up in the ER. Thank God this time it was for something very minor.


Cherie said...

Are you sure our kids aren't calling each other and coordinating these things?


Candace Hickey said...

Yikes...glad she is okay...that would have scared me too!

Andrea said...

Well, we went to the park AND the ER last night- how about that? The top of Cole's head looks alot like the back of Julianna's. Didn't we say our kids would be good together??
BTW, isn't this your kid who wouldn't take off her helmet in Florida? Maybe she knows something you don't know...

Angie said...

Head wounds can be so scary with all of that bleeding! I am really glad that Julianna is doing well :)

Annie said...

Oh God, hope she feel well.

Donna said...

I am glad she is doing well. Reminds of when Becky (one of the older trips) was 3. She was taking a gymnastics glass and slipped on a piece of the equipment and fell. Yup, same type of wound. It took 5 staples. But at least the hair covers it. :)