Friday, June 26, 2009

Updates On Well, Everything...

Julianna got her stitches out today and she did very well! I am amazed at how well she did while the doctor was digging into her scalp!

As you can see a fall and stitches didn't slow her down one bit :)

Alyssa is about to graduate from speech therapy! Yea :) She's been talking a lot more which has been great. BUT (of course there's a but) she does this weird grunting thing and still talks in jargon a lot of the time.

So the speech therapist will come back a few more times and just see how she's progressing. However, tonight we were out and on the ride home I heard "mom?" from Julianna at least 12 times. I heard Rachel yell, Caleb ask for water and tattle on Julianna and Kaitlyn trying to be the go-between for everyone and it got me to thinking do I really want Alyssa to talk?! She was just sitting there looking out the window watching the world go by and in that moment I was sooo thankful that one of them (dear God, more next time!!) was quiet...

And toddler beds - has nothing to do with Rachel really but I'm posting a picture of her anyway!! Toddler beds, hmmm, night time is great (I know some of you are groaning) but they are. The girls still LOVE to be tucked in and run to their beds and jump in and stay there. So the transition has gone quite smoothly except (you were waiting for it weren't you?) for the mornings. They are up and running around a good hour before they used to be. I think they exhaust themselves!

Because they are up so much earlier they are cranky all morning long. Aagh! You bet they're ready for nap and I'm waking them up after 3 hours. Not that I'm complaining about that but why don't they just sleep normally? Of course this morning they were up at 6 which in my book isn't even morning so we told them to go back to bed and they did till 10:00!! I told you they were getting up too early. Little stinkers.


Nicole O'Dell said...

10:00??? WOW! lol they were tired!

I love the pictures, they're growing so fast! I'm glad that things have gone well with the therapy. I hear you about regretting it, though--lol. We're going through that with Logan and crawling. What have we done??? lol

Angie said...

All are well. Great to hear!
I don't know what I would do if my kids slept until 10?!? Most days I am happy if they sleep until 6...5:30 is the norm around here. UGH!

Annie said...

OMG, they wake up very early. My girls most of the time sleep until 9:00 but other days until 8:00 - 8:30.

Have a great weekend.