Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Little Mommy

You're guessing Kaitlyn but you would be wrong. Julianna is the "little mommy" - she tells everyone what to do and make sure that everyone is okay. She lives up to her role as the oldest triplet.

She was a mom for only 10 seconds before she asked me to babysit!

She even had a blanket for her baby. Got it out of her bed and covered the baby doll up in her carseat.

Even without the doll she's still a mommy to her sisters. She tells them when to go to sleep and when to wake up. I have heard her say (repeatedly) at night, "Rachel shhh" and in the morning, "Rachel, wake up!"

If they cry she makes sure they are comforted. When Rachel throws a temper tantrum Julianna will quickly go to her and say "okay, okay, okay" and give her whatever it is. How do you teach a two-year-old not to spoil or give in to her two-year-old sister?

And of course if she knows the rules she makes sure her sisters do too - I'm in so much trouble! Although if I did ever have another baby I probably wouldn't have to do much :) Julianna would gladly take over!

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Misty said...

Your girls are just so gorgeous! I cna't believe how big they look.