Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Kids These Days

These girls keep me moving every day. They make me laugh and they make me cry. How do the girls do so much to the emotions?

Recently they have taken to calling me Dorinda or more specifically "Rinda". Nice right? So I tell them "no, you need to call me mommy" so Rachel will say "mommy, not Rinda, mommy." Makes me laugh even though I know I shouldn't.

I cannot seem to have a meal in peace. There is always something going on. I have taken to standing while I eat because after all - what's the point? This morning at breakfast I cleaned up no less then 3 large spills from cereal milk. I often find them taking their yogurt and smearing it all over themselves requiring extra work from mom.

They have started putting on their own shoes. I find this quite amusing and they actually do a pretty good job. Only problem is none of them know their size. And since there's more then one pair of the same shoe they often end up with someone else's shoe and generally on the wrong foot - but at least they're trying!

They are also more vocal about their clothes. Julianna really likes to wear dresses so she can "spin around" but usually I can talk her into shorts even though "no spin round pants". It's still easier to dress them alike because there are less fights they do like to wear different colors and have fun choosing. And it's always different - no one seems to really want a certain color unless it's in their sippy cups :)

The girls enjoy jumping on my bed and hiding under my covers. They enjoy climbing in and out of their beds and the occasional good book. They are mischevious 2-year-olds and they wear their mama out. Wonder how I keep up?

Nap time and bed time :)

I won't lie to say that 8 is one of the easiest ages. Kaitlyn still loves her mama and is eager to help. She is good with her sisters, loves to read and is just fun to be around.

Caleb is a lot of fun but a non-stop chatter box. At 5 he still needs a lot of help with things but spends most of his days following his sister around. Yesterday he got a call from a friend of his in VA and they talked for some time. What do two 5-year-olds have to say to each other?

And if you're wondering I don't know what was up with the helmet - Alyssa wore it and did NOT want to take it off.


Andrea said...

So much the same as what's going on at our house- especially the matching clothes b/c it's easier and color mattering on the sippies. That's a huge deal here! I think age 8 has less to do with it than the fact that your daughter is such an all-around wonderful kid! I bet she makes every age seem easy!

Cherie said...

You house sounds EXACTLY like mind.

Except, my boys are calling Matt by his name. I"m still mama for now.


Candace Hickey said...

Ok, I am laughing as I read this....we have all the same things going on here....My hubby called me from across the room the other night and Sloane then began to repeat "Candace"..."Candace"....too funny!

My girls are trying to put on their own shoes....nothing with the clothes yet.
I, too, eat standing up!!

Angie said...

Funny! And pretty much the same here. They all 3 will say "Wick, Wick". My husband's name is Rick.

The girls are putting there shoes on and will end up with one of each size on. One day they walked around for 2 hours like that before i even noticed.

Today I can't wait for 8!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Truly I think bubbles are one of the best inventions EVER....and the Thing 1-3 shirts? AWESOME!

MommyWizdom said...

I love things 1-3. Did you make those?!

I don't know how you keep up - it must be because you have to... I often eat standing up as well. It is definitely a luxury to eat sitting down!

Have a great almost weekend!