Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 Days Till Christmas

So, my idea was to try and take a picture of the girls playing somewhere near the tree but if the video wasn't on they were crying and if it was they would only look that way and not at me.

The girls love to climb up on the fireplace and shake the doors. Julianna is the loudest but Rachel does her share. Here she wanted to play but couldn't help herself - she had to watch the video too. This one is a new one - we opened our present from Grandpa and Grandma early :)

Will anybody look at me? The gift behind them is from their Uncle Daniel and soon-to-be Aunt Kim. What in the heck did they ship to us? It's as heavy as it is big. Stay tuned for Christmas Day.

And without the video... They're staring at Daddy trying to figure out whether or not they should laugh or cry.

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Tripletblessed said...

I turn on the video camera and all 3 run to see what I'm looking at. I maybe have an hour combined recorded from them and even that has babies running to the camera! Uughh.
Love the pics nice to see someone not scared of letting the kids play on the fireplace.