Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joseph and an Angel

Also known as Caleb and Kaitlyn. Tonight was the kids Christmas program at school and although it was very short the kids were adorable. Trust me on this even though you'll notice in the pictures that Caleb would NOT smile. That's just him.

My angel Kaitlyn before the big play:

And this is Caleb in his awesome Joseph costume (a very nice robe from Target - did they have those in Bethlehem??!!)


Two "Angels"

Mary and Joseph - aaaahh!!

The whole crew (like I said - it's a small school but the kids love it)

And just what were the triplets doing while the play was going on? Funny you should ask - I caught a bit on "video" (my camera has no sound - sorry). At least you can tell that they are walking quite a bit better :)

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