Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My New Lifesaver

Most of my days are spent peeling the girls off of me. When one gets upset whoever is closer clings to me so I don't pick up whoever is crying. Julianna is the most famous for this. Every morning the girls are awake and playing in their cribs before it's time to get them up to take the older two to school. This makes them quite cranky come 10:30 when it's naptime. Usually I just spend the last thirty minutes or so wanting to rip my hair out as I attempt to juggle all three girls and make them remotely happy.

Over Thanksgiving my parents were here and my dad suggested putting on some baby videos that we have had since Caleb was little. He loved them too but he's now too old and the girls have shown no interest in TV. We decided to pull them out and put them on. The girls have been mesmerized ever since. So, every morning before nap when we are all losing it I turn a DVD on and all six eyes are glued for a good twenty minutes! Sooooo nice...


Cherie said...

Where can I get some?

Kristy said...

I guess it's time to give you the one you let me borrow a year ago! Sorry for keeping it so long. CJ is 18 months and still no interest...although he did watch a few minutes of Barney the other day...hey, I'll take what I can get!