Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My last few weeks have been dealing with allergies. Not that we have any just that someone might. It's been a HUGE pain in the neck.

First, it's been me - I've been struggling with hives and no one knows why. I'm not allergic to anything, I've even been tested by the doctor but yet my body doesn't seem to know that!!

Then it was Rachel at the birthday party. She had a small reaction on her face from the cake (we think). We put a little Benadryl cream on it and it seemed to go away. We mentioned it to the doctor and it was off for a blood draw. The test results were normal and Rachel is fine.

Then it was Julianna who had a reaction in her, um, diaper area. We think it might have been juice so we stopped her juice and treated her and it seemed to go away. Now we are in the process of slowly introducing other juice to see if she gets another reaction. The last one was sooo bad - her screaming and fighting would break your heart (and as most of you know I'm not the most emotional person but this was just really hard) - I don't want a repeat of that.

Lastly it is Alyssa. She currently has a rash all over her body. Just kind of appeared out of nowhere. We have no idea why. I took her to the doctor today and it's not contagious and is probably not a food allergy but may be a reaction to her follow-up flu shot on Friday (the rash started about 24 hours after) or the end of a virus. She doesn't seem to be at all bothered by it and has no other symptoms (fever or anything) but yet she's completely covered with all these little red bumps.

So, our allergy saga seems ridiculous. My mother has lots of allergies and so far none of us do but this lack of allergies hasn't seemed to stop our drama! Welcome to the Nelson family where life is never simple or boring!


kristy said...

AHHH...Stay away from the Nelson family!!!! Just kidding...we love you guys...spots and all!

Jessica said...

Have you guys changed your filters in your air vents? We had issues with something similar awhile back in our old house and it was b/c of our filters! The dust & perhaps mold was distributing into the air and getting us!! ew.
Just a thought... I hope you're all feeling better soon!! Happy Holidays!