Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Portraits" of 13 Month Old Triplets

Julianna Mabel Nelson: Still has a scar on her forehead and is still the most crazy of the three. She is hugely attached to a few people and if they don't give her the full attention she wants she will lose it (definitely includes mom) Her emotions are a roller coaster - if she likes something she will grin from ear to ear and bounce and giggle - quite adorable. If she doesn't like it then we know immediately with a temper tantrum. The good part is that she's getting more cuddly by the day - there's nothing better then when she lays her head down on my shoulder. Who can pass on that??!!

Food: likes bananas and waffles and pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches and lasagna but LOVES milk - whether a bottle or sippy cup she loves to drink.

Teeth: Still has eight.

Walking: She's making progress but really loves to use a walker of any kind. However she is the most determined, when she falls down she pushes herself right back up. She's always throwing herself into the next thing. Headstrong and first - I thought she'd be the first to walk but I was quite wrong on that.

Rachel Gabrielle Nelson: She seems to be the most complex and definitely the most cranky. When she is content she can sit and play quietly and make herself giggle with a toy. She is the one who lets us know it's time to eat and time to take a nap. She really likes her mom but not enough to cuddle except when we're watching TV and she'll let herself lay back on me to look up and watch. She still prefers to be held looking out. I would have to say she's the daredevil of the group and would love to throw herself off just about everything she can find. I think she'll be my gymnast :) She's my morning person - I know she's always up the earliest but she sleeps the best during the day.

Food: She LOVES food - can't shovel it in fast enough but she hates to drink. She'll eat just about anything I eat but if she doesn't like it you can bet it's getting chucked over the side of her highchair. This is usually her milk after her first sip (unless it's in her bottle) - once her cup is gone if she gets thirsty she just steals from Alyssa. Why not?

Teeth: Still has four. Even though she was the last to get teeth I now can't remember those toothless smiles...

Walking: She's really good. She's too small to be walking but she does it anyway.

Alyssa Elaine Nelson: Strangely the quietest and loudest all at the same time. She is generally the most content and the most cuddly but when she is upset she can wake the dead. She requires the least amount of sleep and lets me know it every day. The funnest time is to watch her sit and read a book - the others do too but she seems to examine every page. When the TV comes on she is the most attentive and doesn't move a muscle until the video is over. She could be held and carried by anybody. So far she's also the only one that dances and makes funny moves. We have a special little kiss where I will lean my head into her and she will lean into me and we just touch heads and cuddle. So cute. She also loves to stick out her tongue as she's working on something. I'll work on getting a picture of that!

Food: She's not the best eater but not the worst :) She picks things apart carefully and her mouth is never stuffed. She has her likes and if she doesn't like it she will eat around it. She loves Yogos. They all like real food such as lasagna and enchiladas which is unusual since the older two don't. As for drink, Alyssa does okay - again, in between but she's not the middle triplet!

Teeth: Alyssa now has 6 teeth!! Three on top and three on bottom but the newest two do not line up which I find kind of funny. Top right and bottom left :)

Walking: Also doing a great job - she'll be running soon. She enjoys climbing up the blocks and sliding down them head first.

And that is how I see the girls at 13 months. Someday I'll get to use this blog as a reference for myself and remember how they were. Maybe they'll read it and laugh at how they were then. I'm not sure but right now I'm celebrating the fact that I have survived a month longer than a year.

Sometimes life ends at that "big" moment - the wedding day, the birthday whatever. I forget there is life beyond. Now I have proof that I can survive past a year! Here's to another month.

(Pictures courtesty of Baby Faith video in the car - yep, they work great there too! Julianna throws a fit when we turn the car off.)

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