Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pray For This Family

In the triplet world we often know people through e-mail or blogs and not always in person. As such, when I was on bedrest last year I met a friend in Alabama. Her triplets were born a few weeks earlier then mine. Other then one of them staying in the hospital for two months they were all heatlthy and are now home and fine.

Recently she e-mailed me to pray for a family that is friends with someone in her church. I'd like you all to check out your story and remember this family in your prayers.

Kelli became spontaneously pregnant with identical quadruplet girls. Unfortunately due to complications she gave birth to these girls at just 24 weeks. Baby A, B and D did not survive. Only Baby C, Callie is still alive. Please check out their story and remember them in your prayers. Even though I don't know them they are in my thoughts:


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