Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

And all through the house, lots of creatures are stirring, mostly the cat. That and mom and dad attemtpting to get ready for the big day tomorrow. Our first "real" Christmas with five kids. Last year didn't quite count. Although my mom was here last year and that was so nice. This year it's "just" the seven of us :)

After much debate and trial over lots of strollers we finally got a new one and it's a triple-wide jogging stroller. This thing is great! It turns easily, has a huge basket it in the bottom and the girls are all up "front" so there's no complaining on their end about that. The downside is that it is too wide to fit into most doors and is almost too big for the back of our van. Another reason we could use a bigger vehicle but that is a whole other debate!

So, for me, Christmas came a bit early:

I think the girls like it too:

And Kaitlyn singing tonight at church at our Christmas Eve service - so beautiful!

All the kids:

With all the kids dressed in their Christmas picture best I tried getting some pictures but once again, it is a huge chore to get all 5 kids to sit still and cooperate. I got a good pictures of Alyssa though:

More pictures tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful day...

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