Friday, December 21, 2007

School Christmas Party

After last night's "big" extravaganza today at school was essentially a play day or the school class parties where you give gifts to the class and the teacher.

I do need to add that Caleb piped up during last night's program with "Are we done yet?" (yes, right in the middle). He also asked me after it was over if we had any money. When I asked why he said he wanted to buy some cookies. He's so cute. Everyone brought cookies to share - they were free.

Then this morning when I got him up for the party he told me that his favorite time at school are party days and days where he does a play and just has to sit there for a short time :) He cracks me up all the time even though he's very serious in all he does and so matter-of-fact. It isn't any kid that can actually take the attention away from his triplet sisters!

So, here are some pictures from today. All the classrooms decorated their doors for the holiday based on a different country. They were then "judged" this morning. Kaitlyn's class had Germany and won "most informative" - yea, because it was covered in facts about Germany and not much else :) Caleb's class got "most original" or something like that. His teacher did a great job and had her three kids lay down and traced them.

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