Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carb-Only Diet

Apparantly my girls did not get the memo about the Atkins diet. They have decided to take the opposite approach. Great.

For breakfast today: cereal with milk in sippy cups because it's on the run

Snack: more cereal - the girls are obsessed with cereal and will eat it whenever I will give it to them. Heck, even if I don't give it to them they will go into the pantry, find a box and pull it out. Did I mention they love cereal?

Lunch: I served a hot dog, cheese and bananas (no carbs or that's all they would eat) - Julianna ate the cheese along with Alyssa's cheese. Alyssa ate her bananas and Julianna's bananas - it was a fair trade. Rachel ate some cheese, maybe a hot dog bite or two. That's it - that was lunch. They did drink their juice.

Snack: Popcorn - sort of. Then they got a hold of Quaker rice cake snacks and ate those instead. Fought over them really. More carbs.

Dinner: I served chicken parmiagna, broccoli, egg noodles and garlic bread. Notice I offered them options - I offered them some protein, I offered them some veggies but no, they devoured the egg noodles and they devoured the garlic bread. And drank their milk.

I know kids are picky - I have two older kids so I know this is normal but when they end up eating chips for dinner or cereal all day or I throw away their food because they don't eat it. They do like waffles and oatmeal - more carbs. Alyssa will eat some fruit which is great but the other two won't. It's just one of those things about toddlerhood that frustrates me as a parent! Why do I feed them? Right, it's required by law :)

I just hate the question from the pediatrician about how they are eating because I know I can't force them to eat and I really do try but they just aren't interested. I know this will pass - my older kids eat a very well-rounded diet but for now I have to endure this stage and hope they survive to childhood!! Some days I find this so frustrating. Don't they know that food is expensive? Maybe they heard about my good grocery deals this past week :) Still, I seriously hate throwing away good food.

There are so many things about my girls that are completely different - Julianna likes tie-blankets, Alyssa likes one fluffly pink blanket and Rachel has recently become obsessed with crib sheets. Each of them likes to have their certain things and play their certain ways but when it comes to food toddlerhood is universal and food is just not nearly as fun as jumping off the couch or stealing from their sisters. At least I know they're normal...


Penelope said...

Your post brings back memories of when my daughter went through that stage! And then one day I made a dish with chicken thighs instead of breasts...and she ate it. And has eaten it ever since. Argh! If I'd known that then....

Denise Wheeler said...

I so feel your pain!! It is very frustrating, to say the least. At least we know we are not alone and this is normal.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I hate this too. To spend all the time and money to make a meal and then they won't even touch it. But then if I make something easy like Mac and Cheese from the box, they'll eat it up.

Angie said...

I'm so glad I can finally read your blog. The last several times all the blogs have been "liney" and I couldn't read them. Sorry.

I am so with you on the feeeding thing. Sam who was my best eater is slowly becoming my worst eater. ugh! Hopefully it is short lived!