Friday, January 23, 2009

Would You Join Me?

I have invited to be a contributor on a very cool website: Blissfully Domestic - there is a wealth of information and fun stuff there from being frugal to cleaning your house. As you may have guessed I haven't been invited to contribute to either of those - ha!

No, I've been asked to contribute to:

Interestingly enough one of my new year's resolutions was to publish more or at least write more. And although I'm only sort of considering another child I did and do feel that this year the Lord will take me in one of two directions - another child to keep me home for even more years to come or into a writing career.

Don't get me wrong - neither will take me out of the home but I can't really do both. Writing takes up a lot of time and I have a hard enough time finding that time when I have five kids that all sleep through the night and nap very well. Where in the world would I fit it in if I had a newborn?!!

Anyway, maybe this is the beginning of my answer and the push I need to accept the five children I've been graciously blessed with and go on from there. Because right now Kirk isn't ready for or desiring more and he's convinced I'll never be done. Maybe he's right - cute kids are addictive! I mean I really thought I was so done when I was pregnant with the girls. But now that is 2 years behind me and I think "am I really done?" On the other hand, there is a point where you need to be done and move on. Right? Well, maybe not if I'm Michele Duggar :) (which I'm not nor am I trying to be).

All that to say it's a great oppurtunity and I look forward to sharing with even more people through their site. Please consider checking them out and subscribing to Multiple Bliss along with some other feed you may find interesting! There's something there for everyone.

I am still keeping up with Tightwads with Triplets so do check out that site - Cherie and I have added lots of great stuff in the past few weeks!! What can I say? I have triplets and everyone already tells me I have my hands full - I might as well live up to that!!

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Denise Wheeler said...

I so understand the wanting more. I have resigned myself to the fact that my 5 is more than enough, I am blessed to even have those, and there are no more children in my foreseen future.
Like everything, the Lord tells us what we need to know, in His time. I can't wait to check out the site and read your stuff.