Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Camera Has No Batteries

And I haven't been able to find the charger since we got back from Florida. What have I missed?

- Julianna taking Caleb's hand and leading him down the stairs to play with him while Alyssa held his other hand so he could help her down the stairs. He even said, "Mom, take a picture of this!" and I couldn't :(

- Julianna sitting on my lap to sing rock-a-bye baby. I am determined to get this at some point because if it's very cute.

- All three girls playing kitchen together - wow! I really should've gotten that.

- Caleb "babysitting" to make sure the girls didn't get hurt in the basement so I could work on the computer and Kaitlyn could do her homework. Of course, he had to come up and tell me what they were doing every few minutes but otherwise he's a great babysitter.

- The "new" stage the girls are in which is the hand holding and pulling you where they want you to go. Oh, it's the fun one. As soon as my backside hits the chair one or the other comes up to me to take me to whatever it is they need. I'd like to say it means less tears but it doesn't.

- Julianna pretending to be a frog in my bathtub - saying "I a frog, ribbit, ribbit"

- Alyssa and Julianna crawling around the island pretending to be cats

- Rachel learning to give hugs

- Julianna and Alyssa playing with Kaitlyn's dollhouse - really their dollhouse but we haven't let them play with it yet - they really love it.

But I have good news!! I have pictures from the girls last play date right before we went away to Florida - my friend Sandy and I actually got all five of our 2 year olds lined up on the couch, looking forward and almost all of them smiling at the same time! Wow, miracles do happen.


Denise Wheeler said...

I would be a mess if I couldn't find my charger! Sorry, you don't have a camera available to use right now. Those sound like they would be very cute pictures. The picture you have from the play date is super cute. That is a cute bunch of girls!

Angie said...

I hope you find your charger soon. I think this age is so funny! I just love to "hear" toddlers talk. :) The stories are great.