Monday, January 05, 2009

Poor Lollipop

It's rare that I even mention the cat but today I felt for him so I had to share. The poor cat missed us greatly while we were gone. He hasn't left our sides since we've been home. He cries (loudly) whenever he can't find anyone and today he even jumped on my back as I was leaning down to get more attention!

So, I'm not completely surprised as to how much he has put up with today. For one thing I was *this* close to getting a picture of Rachel hugging him. You know how that goes - the poor cat is looking at me saying "please help me" as Rachel grins like a kid on Christmas morning.

But the cat is soo good he just takes it. I can tell he doesn't like it but he doesn't scratch the girls (he still has his claws), he doesn't bite them (though he does us) and for some strange reason he doesn't run away.

If only that were all for Lollipop (in case you're wondering it's Kaitlyn's cat and she named him). No, today I was cleaning up the girls lunch and the girls decided to play downstairs. Not unusual - they play downstairs and do very well playing together. I was only seperated from them for not even 10 minutes when I went down to put them down for nap.

I come down the stairs and Alyssa is sweetly playing with the kitchen - talking to herself and pouring herself some tea. Very sweet.

Then I hear it. The sound of cat food and giggles. Oh yea, I know this can't be good. I head to the storage area that is the unfinished part of the basement - usually closed off with a door that has a hole in it (we did NOT make this hole - it was there when we bought the house but it works as a cat door) to avoid just this situation. And there I find Julianna gleefully dumping cat food into the cat's litter box!!

And there I find Rachel scooping Lollipop's food into his water dish with one of the play spoons that go to the kitchen!

What is the attraction?!! Does it not smell?

And yet still the cat is fine with the girls pawing at him and trying to "pet" him which sometimes involves dragging him by his tail, pulling his fur and trying to sit on him. Amazingly he takes it all - he really is a great cat and he deserves his own post today :)


Nicole O'Dell said...

Awwww...not being a cat person myself due to allergies...that's a cat I could love! :)

Donna said...

In our house the pets have to put up with a lot too. Luckily we have great pets!

I am glad you are able to get your clothes on Ebay. I have never had great luck with that (maybe you are the one always beating me out on those auctions!) :)