Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow... Finally!

I have good friends who live in parts of the country that get snow ALL the time. To them our measly three inches today means very little but to us it's something big! School was closed and all the kids got to wade into the white unknown and soon to be scuffed up :) But it was pretty while it lasted.

Before going outside - the girls were obsessed with seeing the snow and were fighting over the front windows so I directed them to the back:

Heading out into the "snow" - I know, I know you can see the grass through it but it's the best we've gotten this year!

Julianna LOVED the snow - she had a great time picking it up and playing in it...

Rachel seemed to enjoy the snow pretty well - mostly she liked picking up clumps and "throwing" them at me - this mean smushing it on my leg...

Alyssa was having a hard time - every time she fell down she cried until we picked her up - she did, however, love the swing and didn't want to come in when I asked so I guess that meant she liked it. (I liked the picture better sideways)

And the girls all together on the sled again. They are just about too big to put all three of them together - poor Rachel was in the back and in the end she was like "get them off me!!" All Alyssa could say was "help!"

Sweet shot of the girls - they did this themselves and even stayed long enough to say "cheese" - we're making picture progress!

And this is what the big kids do with their snow day - play DS! Who wouldn't hate school?? Wondering how much after the last picture I took this one? About 4.5 seconds! These girls are quick and did I mention they're into everything??

Thanks for all your prayers - I am still feeling homebound and really wishing I could get out more with the girls. I get out without them which is nice but I long for the day when I feel "normal" again. Though I am stuck wondering if there ever is normal again after triplets?


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Love the snow photos. The kids looked happy. Ditto to all the chaos of 3 two year olds. Even though I am working part time, I still spend 4 days in a row with them and I go insane. It's just too much sometimes. Lets just hope that we develope "toddlerhood amnesia" and only remember the good times.

We are still struggling with nap time with the toddler beds. Hold off as long as you can to make the switch.

I'll try to email you soon but right now the kids are waiting to watch Tinkerbell.

Cherie said...

I think you should submit the photo of the three girls on the sled to MOST. It's perfect!

Tripletblessed said...

Love the sled picture as well!

Angie said...

I think it is wonderful how a few inches of snow turns your yard into a wonderland for toddlers! Ours kids LOVE the snow. They fight at the window too. :) I love the sled picture.